We are working on a 3-5 business day processing time for most orders.  Please keep in mind we do not process orders on the weekend.  If you need your order shipped right away, please use the RUSH option to have your order pulled ahead of everyone else's.

Does your purchase total differ from the one you saw before going to the payment page?  We are a Canadian shop that sells in Canadian dollars.  When you change the currency to your own, you are still going to be paying in Canadian dollars.  For example, your order totals $20 and then when you go to pay, it says $25.  That is because the $20 represents your own currency and when you get to the payment page, it is showing in Canadian dollars, not your own.  When you get your credit card statement, you will see that the bank has changed the currency back to your own.  PayPal converts it immediately, so you will see exactly what you are paying.  We do not add additional fees etc, the difference is simply the currency rate difference.  

We are no longer able to accommodate additional items being added to an existing order.  If you realize you have forgotten an item, we will gladly cancel your original order (as long as it has not already been processed) so you can resubmit your order to include the forgotten items.  Please feel free to call us at 1-877-244-9494 or email us at info@howsweetisthat.ca.  

Please be aware the items that you put into your shopping bag will remain in there only as long as you don't log out.  You can close the page and they will remain, but if you actually "log out" they will be deleted. 


 We ship world wide . Shipping Rates can be found under the tab "Shipping / Payment Options".