Tips for using the search feature.  


1.  If you are looking for a specific brand, go to the "Shop By Brand" category.  Most items are not listed using their brand in the product name.  So, if you know what brand you are looking for, you will find most big brands listed under "Shop By Brand".  Products are then listed in subcategories under that brand name.  

2. If you are looking for a theme of cookie cutter or stencil or mould etc, do NOT put in the search the theme you are looking for. Go to the Cookie Cutters category,  then either Minis, Sets or Standard.  Within that category, you will find all cutters put into different themes.  Same with stencils.  Scroll down to the "Stencil" category and look for the theme you want.  

3.  If you are looking for a specific cookie cutter or stencil etc, do NOT put the words "cookie cutter" or "stencil" in the search bar, because ALL of the cookie cutters will appear in the search.  Same goes for everything else.  If you want a dog cookie cutter, simply put the word "Dog" in the search bar.  You may get other dog related items, but at least 3000 cookie cutters won't come up for you.