Sherry Potter, the owner and operator of this business started out decorating cupcakes as a hobby.  She loved to find things that were out of the ordinary, not found locally.  Her search led her to start shopping for a lot of her own personal items from the UK.  She liked the quality and durability of the products she was buying.  People started noticing her work.  Some started asking where she bought the moulds, plunger cutters and stencils etc. from.  There seemed to be a genuine interest in these items.  So, she thought "why not buy some of these items and sell them to the Canadian market?".  Of course the market spread to the United States and then internationally as well.  

The business has grown from a few hundred items to more than 9,000 items in our on-line store.  We try to keep up on the latest trends and offer to our customers the most current products at fair and reasonable prices.

We pride ourselves on keeping prices competitive.  We would rather sell more items and make less profit, than sell less and make more.  A happy customer is a repeat customer.

We love to hear from our customers.  Either to hear compliments or concerns.  If you want to say thank you, or have a suggestion on how we can better our business, we would love to hear from you.